Monday, August 5, 2013

Back Road Home

(Near Menan, Idaho) 
At first I thought, "Oh what a pretty corn field with the clouds behind it"...

Then I  pulled slowly up to this field with some White Faced Ibis hanging out, in front of a corn field, and as long as I didn't try and get too far away from my van they didn't mind me about, but they casually got further away I noticed. But it was a very nice surprise for me and cheered me up (feeling a little sad this afternoon). This may seem silly to some, but I think Heavenly Father knew it would cheer me up because I was going to turn around before this but felt I should head down the road a bit more before getting on the highway home- that was after I had a feeling to get off the interstate at this exit in the first place. I kind of have a history of cheering up  when I see unexpected birds or a first time sighting. This is the best sighting I've had of this kind for sure!

I had a thankful prayer on my way home :)

 This guy is so handsome (I think it's a guy BECAUSE he seems handsome) :) 

And below are some Starlings I think. 

 Looking for a good turn around I saw a little old house with cute shutters, and turned just past it at this cabin (through my dirty window that won't roll down) to head back and get out and take pictures of at least the cute shutters. While I was there I met the owner of the land of both of these structures and the property surrounding and in between them. A grandfather of his homesteaded this property back in the late 1800's. We had a short chat and then he got back to mowing and I headed to the highway.

The cute house with shutters below, but starting with the cute door. 

Poplar with some Cottonwoods behind. 

 Aren't these great shutters?! 

 close up of the mossy roof

And then down the highway (Yellowstone HWY instead of I-15) found this interesting building below. Maybe it's an apartment, but it looks like it's from a mining town or some old Western movie. 
So very near this is a building on private land (railroad owned I think) that has an amazing rock wall to an old building that I soo badly would love to take some pictures by if I can figure out a way. I'd like MY FAMILY picture taken by it. I am hoping I am one step closer to figuring out how to get permission after today. 
I think this is in Ucon, Idaho. 

That's all for today - thanks! JM

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  1. So, really that was Hwy 20 I got off before getting on Yellowstone. I really haven't been on 1-15 from my area of Idaho since before we even moved here and went to visit my inlaws when they lived in Montana.